Friday, February 1, 2013

No, I was not kidnapped...

Dang, just realized it was Feb 1st!  I have been in a fog since having my upper wisdom teeth apparently jackhammered from my jawbone.  Wanna see what I look like?

Yeah, there you go.  And HELL NO, I am not uploading a real picture. 

So, here is the bonus....after spending the last 5 days barely eating....I have lost.....  .10 lbs!  That is not 10 peeps - that is a POINT one pounds...

Whoop Whoop!  Seriously?!?  OK, so I did have my best time of the month coincide (just to make sure I am at my optimal misery level) but still.  I am cleared to exercise but I really just do not feel up to it.  I feel like i got kicked in the face on my right side....looks like it too with my jaw all swelled up and a huge bruise extending down onto my neck.  Maybe I will give it a go tomorrow.

So - I lost way less than I hoped for January but was still down 5.8.  I will take it over being up.  Febuary starts off a bit cray cray - I am in Europe on business from taking my walking shoes and have mapped out some long walks to burn some calories....need some REALLY long ones since the week will be full of client dinners and unfortuantely drinking....Ugh...I will try for moderation instead of abstinance.  ;)

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