Saturday, February 23, 2013

Pit or Peak


Peak - This is an uber easy one!  Number One Son/Only Son is home from College for the weekend to see me!  Jan/Feb always feels like such a long time between visits so I was really missing him!  I guess I can tack on that today is my Birthday and I can say I am happy for it but it still blows being over forty (tho I think I feel and act like Im 20-ish most of the time!)

Pit - Again - uber easy.  One word.  One syllable.  TAX!  Sweet baby Jesus, I cannot believe we owe that much again this year after how much we already paid.  Am bitter and major butt hurt over that at the moment. Ok, I am done now.  I think. Mmmmkay,  I am not but it is just not productive.  I will go and take out my beef on this pain machine....


  1. Cute blog! Love your 'peak' that too is one of mine. I miss my son so much!