Friday, February 1, 2013

Current Gadgetry Infatuations

For the love all of things TECH...I guess I am a nerd at heart...

Here are my current infatuations....

1.  Bodymedia Link Armband

I upgraded from the bodybugg so I could get the new integrated dashboard and instant dashboards to my iPhone.  The moment I saw it I knew.I.must.has!

The sleep monitoring is amazing and I did not realize how poorly I was sleeping - it gives you an efficiency rating.  I pulled out the fat burners and my sleep has improved a TON!


I know lots of people are carried away with but I have been using FOR YEARS and all my crap is in it.  My meals are in it.  My measurement and weight history are in it.  Sorry - I am not breaking up.  I can't.

Yes - this is actually what I have eaten today...don't hate or judge. I am freaking starving and my face is killing me.  Pain is a better deterrant than hunger.  Just sayin...

3.  Virtual Active

Ok, confession.  I am not one of those who LOVE to exercise.  It is a huge mind &@C# for me...If I need to do 45 mins...I tell myself I can quit after 30 if I am hating it.  99% of the time, by the time I am past 10 mins, I am into the zone and feeling great.  This app gives you something to focus on (other than how badly you want to stop) and let's you jam to your own tunes.  Now - if they would just come up with a Paris walk or run, I would freaking buy stock!

4.  Withings

Another confession - I hate to weigh myself.  It is depressing and I hate it.  This uploads automatically (and works with my bodymedia account!)  For you MFP peeps, it works with that as well.

Connects over wifi and no more manual logging!!

The ipad app is amazballs but I couldnt find a picture.

OK, I have been letting my inner nerd freak flag fly but I am going to stop before I run the risk of allowing the full extent of my illness be known to all.

Happy Friday!

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