Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Is your number secret?

I have always had an issue with sharing my exact weight...I have no idea why.

Even when I was thin but ESPECIALLY when I started packing on the lbs.  I have a spreadsheet that I have kept since 1999 with my weight at periodic points and pictures that show me what I looked like.  Can you say O.C.D?  Anyways, earlier this year my husband sheepishly told me he saw my spreadsheet.  Gotta give him props that he knew I was going to flip my shit and he told me anyways.  Now that I am losing I STILL do not tell him what I weigh...I will share what I have lost but not what I weigh.  WTH?  What is up with that?  

I am perplexed about people who just post their secret like it is not a secret.  Whahuh?  Not this girl. Nope.  

Have you ever checked out a weight loss simulator like this one??

Pretty cool, if I do say so....

Here is where I started and where I am today...honestly this makes me not look at fat as I is a kind application...That's 23lbs off...

Here is what it says I will look like when I get to goal from where I am today...Another 33 lbs...That does not look like what 33 BETTER look like...just sayin!

Go give it a try...good way to entertain yourself if you are on a boring conference call from hell...

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Post Vacation Scorecard!

Back from an amazing vacation!!

I am working on a cruise post but for now, I wanted to circle back on how I did on my vacation with staying on plan.

1.  Stay away from the buffet's - WIN!  Didn't even walk into one!

2.  Stay away from the foo foo drinks - WIN!  Didn't and 

beer however...don't ask.  

3.  Drink your water - WIN!  Didn't drink as much as I do at home but 

did ok!

4.  Do not take the elevator - FAIL!  I forgot how flipping BIG this ship 

is...with the Deck we were on, virtually everything was more than 5 

flights... that said I did get a lot of activity in with all of the walking!

5.  No eating after dinner - WIN!  I went with the boys several times to 

get snacks but was good!

6.  Log my food - FAIL! I was really good the first few days and then the 

wheels fell off.

7.  Start every meal with a garden salad - FAIL!  I forgot my dressing 

(my son was so happy because he was already embarrassed)!

8.  Exercise every day - FAIL!  If there was an EPIC FAIL, I would 

assign it to myself since I did not intentionally exercise ONCE.  We were 

super active with other things so I guess it came out in the wash.

8.  Nip the mindless nibbling in the Concierge Lounge prior to dinner

WIN!  I nibbled a little but did not go crazy.

9.  Plan for my splurges - WIN! I enjoyed every last bite of that Red 

Velvet cake...took me 5 days to eat it but it was wonderful!  Souffle 

was mostly left on the table since it was not as good as last year.  We 

will not discuss the ridiculous amounts of guac and Tecate Lite while in 

Mexico... was amazing and I would do it again.  I will, in fact, next time 

I am there!

10.  Become a "food snob" - WIN!  I left many things on my plate if 

they were not something that was really really good.

11.  Stay out of the bread basket - WIN! I had a few but certainly not 

every night and I really paid attention to it.

I also took my withings scale and weighed in every day...everyone 

thought I was insane but I think that is the ONE THING that made the 

difference.  I will definately be taking that bad boy on all long vacays 

from now on...

Bottom line - I gained 2.6 lbs from the time we went into vacation 

mode (my son's friend came two days before and we were eating out 

nonstop)!  I certainly didn't maintain but I'm pretty happy with that 

given what I did eat and with all of the alcohol...

Miami weekend AND a cruise?   I'm down 1.2 of that in 2 days so I am 

feeling good and am back at it.  On a mission for that next 10 lbs!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

NSV Linkup!

Yes, it is that time again! I am linking up with KTJ and Lex for non-scale victories (NSV's).


Had to seriously think about this one since I am honestly too obsessed with the scale at the moment...

1.  I bought an actual swimsuit.  Except for getting WAY to personal with the sales lady (yep, she saw me mostly naked) - no major issues!  I didn't feel like I needed medication or a drink.  Awesomeness.

2.  I have logged every single bit of anything shoved into my piehole since 4/15.  Major Streak for me!

3.  I fit into not one but TWO of my formals for my cruise.  NOT the one I really wanted...ok, I fit but my boobs did not.  Go figure.  It was handy since I went to look for formals and everything looked like a bad high school prom.  Pass!

That's it for me!  I'm off on vacation starting tomorrow!!  Peace Out!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bathing Suit Shopping - Shoot me!

Sweet baby Jesus is there anything worse than shopping for a bathing suit?  Let me cast my vote...NO!  

What can be worse than bad lighting, pale skin (haven't spray tanned yet) and wishing to hell and back I had gone on HCG in January!  In any event, after a slew of try-on's I settled with a cute one piece...
BTW - when did it become acceptable for sales ladies to just knock once and barge in when you are naked? WTH?  Uh, I don't want to share my lady bits...thanks anyways.

I also cannot find my favorite beach hat ANYWHERE.  #superpissed.  

I dragged my son all over two malls looking for something that was not Scarlett O'hara big...Nope.  Nada.  Fail.

HCG Update - I am down 17lbs  in exactly 30 days.  Not as much as I wanted but still pretty happy!  Down 22.7 since January!  My goal was 25lb before my cruise but maybe I can get a little closer since I have 3 more days left before I leave!  I have 2 shots left...they told me to expect around 10lbs this month. Can I do it?  Setting the goal right now to grab those 2.3 AND an extra 10 by 6/15!!  

Maybe that will help keep me in line on vacation!  

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Strategy for avoiding weight gain on my cruise

I am already stressing about putting weight back on when I am on vacation....I leave next Friday for a weekend in Miami and then a 7 day Western Caribbean Cruise.

I only gained 2 lbs last year BUT I was not coming off a VERY stringent diet...I got to say - I am REALLY nervous.  I don't want to come back with a huge set back.  I am ok with 1 or 2 = I will be on vacation after all!  

Theme = mindful eating.  Sounds easy, right?

Well, this is not a skill my inner chubbo has mastered just yet!

A few obvi one's that won't be difficult for me:
1.  Stay away from the buffet's - easy for me since buffet's gross me out
2.  Stay away from the foo foo drinks - I don't like them so no biggie!
3.  Drink your water - I love water so this will be no problem!
4.  Do not take the elevator - this one will be tricky since the ship is so big!  I will try to keep it to anything under 5 floors = stairs!
5.  No eating after dinner - We just never do this any way...we see people hitting up pizza and midnight and never understood it.  Ditto for 24hr room service.
6.  Log my food - I've been doing this for quite awhile so I just need to stay on top of it.
7.  Start every meal with a garden salad - and I will be taking my trusty Walden Farms dressing.  Don't care if I look stupid.  Dressing is not even close to good enough to me to waste calories on it.

OK, so now on the harder ones!
7.  Exercise every day - make a concerted effort to walk 1-2 miles up on deck.
8.  Nip the mindless nibbling in the Concierge Lounge prior to dinner - the appetizers aren't really that good anyway...looking back I have no idea why I hoovered through so many!
9.  Plan for my splurges - I am already telling you that the red velvet cake is happening.  That said, there are typically only two desserts that I really care for anyway...grand marnier souffle'...happening also. (it's not actually very big, the photo looks huge!)

10.  Become a "food snob" - if it is not amazing, I am not going to feel inclined to keep eating it.  I typically will just mindlessly nibble on it.
11.  Stay out of the bread basket - this one is HARD for me.  I could just take one of those baskets and snarf it myself...then go into a carb coma!

We'll see how I do!  I wonder what other tricks you might have up your sleeve?

Monday, May 6, 2013

3 Weeks of HCG Down!

After a MISERABLE showing late in week two and early week three, I am back on track!  I was out of town on business and had TOM during that window but I went into total BEAST mode when I got back and have taken off 5.7lbs in the last 4 days.

My totals look like:

Week 1:  -9lbs
Week 2:  -2.8lbs
Week 3:  -3lbs

TOTAL - 14.8!
Starting BMI - 31.7 (Obese - shoot me in the eyeball)
3 week BMI - 29.5 (Overweight!)  Progress!

I have 10 more days of injections left and am going to be rock solid to finish it out...My goal was 20lbs and I dont see any way possible I won't hit that!  I'd lose my mind to be down another 10!

Better yet - I am losing inches!!  As of now:

Neck:  -.4 inch
Chest:  -2.5 inches
Bicep: -1.25 inches (each)
High Waist:  -1.75 inches
Low Waist:  -4 inches
Hips:  -2 inches
Thigh:  -2 inches (each)
Calf: - .75 inch (each)

Total - 18.65 inches!!

I find myself poking my waist since I just am freaking out that the roll I had around my waist is literally melting away!

Here's to another week!  Go, get 'er done!

San Diego Recap

San Diego was loverly!!  I was lucky enough to be staying at the legendary Hotel Del Coronado for my conference.  Work, work, work!  LOL!

I splurged and upgraded to an ocean view room!

I registered for the event, took a walk on the beach before I met up with some friends before the cocktail reception on the beach.  

Amazing Sand Artist!

View of reception from my room

It was a little chilly for that but the firepits helped!  Smore's on the beach anyone?  Stayed away from that but not the fire!

After the cocktail reception, I headed back to my room for an early evening...starting to feel ill and can't keep up with my fellow party animals!

Day Two - nothing but work all day...but did have a nice set up for lunch outside!

 then a cocktail reception (sensing a theme,?)

I didnt take any interesting pics of the dinner we sponsored...the food was so so and the drunk clients were on my nerve since I was straight up sober.

Next day - Round 2 of freezing in the conference rooms.  We did have a special private dinner at Sea World which I was super pumped about!

When we got there - the cocktail reception (yes, more cocktails) was in front of this tank...

I got a driveby hello!

Then we went upstairs to eat and have a private show.  The animals are truly amazing but it is so sad to me that they are in captivity.

Next stop - Airport home for a 9am flight back!