Sunday, May 5, 2013

Speedbump...and a Rebound!!

Ok, so I am back from San Diego...I will have photo highlights shortly BUT...newsflash...did well and stayed on plan some of the time....did ok on the, uhhh...well no.

It is so difficult to entertain clients and everyone is having a good ole' time and before you know it...crash and burn.  I lost count if I'm bein honest.  Oh and BONUS - TOM.  Well - thanks for that extra challenge. Oh, and I am sick as a dog with some freaking head cold.

Long story short - I came home with 2.4lbs in tow. One step forward, two step back!  Just shows I really need the structure of P2 and then heavy oversight going into P3.  

As of this morning, I have lost those pesky critters as well as another 1.8.  I am sooo close to that 20lb mark!  I weigh in tomorrow so fingers crossed...

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