Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Is your number secret?

I have always had an issue with sharing my exact weight...I have no idea why.

Even when I was thin but ESPECIALLY when I started packing on the lbs.  I have a spreadsheet that I have kept since 1999 with my weight at periodic points and pictures that show me what I looked like.  Can you say O.C.D?  Anyways, earlier this year my husband sheepishly told me he saw my spreadsheet.  Gotta give him props that he knew I was going to flip my shit and he told me anyways.  Now that I am losing I STILL do not tell him what I weigh...I will share what I have lost but not what I weigh.  WTH?  What is up with that?  

I am perplexed about people who just post their secret like it is not a secret.  Whahuh?  Not this girl. Nope.  

Have you ever checked out a weight loss simulator like this one??

Pretty cool, if I do say so....

Here is where I started and where I am today...honestly this makes me not look at fat as I is a kind application...That's 23lbs off...

Here is what it says I will look like when I get to goal from where I am today...Another 33 lbs...That does not look like what 33 BETTER look like...just sayin!

Go give it a try...good way to entertain yourself if you are on a boring conference call from hell...

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