Monday, May 6, 2013

3 Weeks of HCG Down!

After a MISERABLE showing late in week two and early week three, I am back on track!  I was out of town on business and had TOM during that window but I went into total BEAST mode when I got back and have taken off 5.7lbs in the last 4 days.

My totals look like:

Week 1:  -9lbs
Week 2:  -2.8lbs
Week 3:  -3lbs

TOTAL - 14.8!
Starting BMI - 31.7 (Obese - shoot me in the eyeball)
3 week BMI - 29.5 (Overweight!)  Progress!

I have 10 more days of injections left and am going to be rock solid to finish it out...My goal was 20lbs and I dont see any way possible I won't hit that!  I'd lose my mind to be down another 10!

Better yet - I am losing inches!!  As of now:

Neck:  -.4 inch
Chest:  -2.5 inches
Bicep: -1.25 inches (each)
High Waist:  -1.75 inches
Low Waist:  -4 inches
Hips:  -2 inches
Thigh:  -2 inches (each)
Calf: - .75 inch (each)

Total - 18.65 inches!!

I find myself poking my waist since I just am freaking out that the roll I had around my waist is literally melting away!

Here's to another week!  Go, get 'er done!

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