Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bathing Suit Shopping - Shoot me!

Sweet baby Jesus is there anything worse than shopping for a bathing suit?  Let me cast my vote...NO!  

What can be worse than bad lighting, pale skin (haven't spray tanned yet) and wishing to hell and back I had gone on HCG in January!  In any event, after a slew of try-on's I settled with a cute one piece...
BTW - when did it become acceptable for sales ladies to just knock once and barge in when you are naked? WTH?  Uh, I don't want to share my lady bits...thanks anyways.

I also cannot find my favorite beach hat ANYWHERE.  #superpissed.  

I dragged my son all over two malls looking for something that was not Scarlett O'hara big...Nope.  Nada.  Fail.

HCG Update - I am down 17lbs  in exactly 30 days.  Not as much as I wanted but still pretty happy!  Down 22.7 since January!  My goal was 25lb before my cruise but maybe I can get a little closer since I have 3 more days left before I leave!  I have 2 shots left...they told me to expect around 10lbs this month. Can I do it?  Setting the goal right now to grab those 2.3 AND an extra 10 by 6/15!!  

Maybe that will help keep me in line on vacation!  

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