Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Strategy for avoiding weight gain on my cruise

I am already stressing about putting weight back on when I am on vacation....I leave next Friday for a weekend in Miami and then a 7 day Western Caribbean Cruise.

I only gained 2 lbs last year BUT I was not coming off a VERY stringent diet...I got to say - I am REALLY nervous.  I don't want to come back with a huge set back.  I am ok with 1 or 2 = I will be on vacation after all!  

Theme = mindful eating.  Sounds easy, right?

Well, this is not a skill my inner chubbo has mastered just yet!

A few obvi one's that won't be difficult for me:
1.  Stay away from the buffet's - easy for me since buffet's gross me out
2.  Stay away from the foo foo drinks - I don't like them so no biggie!
3.  Drink your water - I love water so this will be no problem!
4.  Do not take the elevator - this one will be tricky since the ship is so big!  I will try to keep it to anything under 5 floors = stairs!
5.  No eating after dinner - We just never do this any way...we see people hitting up pizza and midnight and never understood it.  Ditto for 24hr room service.
6.  Log my food - I've been doing this for quite awhile so I just need to stay on top of it.
7.  Start every meal with a garden salad - and I will be taking my trusty Walden Farms dressing.  Don't care if I look stupid.  Dressing is not even close to good enough to me to waste calories on it.

OK, so now on the harder ones!
7.  Exercise every day - make a concerted effort to walk 1-2 miles up on deck.
8.  Nip the mindless nibbling in the Concierge Lounge prior to dinner - the appetizers aren't really that good anyway...looking back I have no idea why I hoovered through so many!
9.  Plan for my splurges - I am already telling you that the red velvet cake is happening.  That said, there are typically only two desserts that I really care for anyway...grand marnier souffle'...happening also. (it's not actually very big, the photo looks huge!)

10.  Become a "food snob" - if it is not amazing, I am not going to feel inclined to keep eating it.  I typically will just mindlessly nibble on it.
11.  Stay out of the bread basket - this one is HARD for me.  I could just take one of those baskets and snarf it myself...then go into a carb coma!

We'll see how I do!  I wonder what other tricks you might have up your sleeve?


  1. Sounds like you have a solid plan! You'll feel the best if our get your workouts in even if you go a little overboard (hee hee pun!) on your eating...I worked out everyday on my cruise in Feb and came back feeling in control - you're prepared so you'll be just fine, but most importantly enjoy!!

    1. I hope I'm up for it and don't get carried away! I have my workout clothes packed and on the ready!