Monday, February 11, 2013

Update & Trip Recap Part Deux...

OK, well....back to reality.  After a week of working hard and playing hard I am up 2 lbs.  Not as bad as I thought it could be but still...ticks me off.  Who only knows what I would have gained had I not walked absolutely EVERYWHERE.  No wonder Europeans are thinner...  My hotel was about .7 miles away from the Conference location and I walked back and forth at least 3-4 of my coworkers tried to get a cabbie to take them and they would not (after berating him for it just being "a 2 min walk)...Ahhh....different perceptions.  Can you imagine that in the US?  LOL.

Anyhoo....back on my horse to slam those 2 extra elbees and here's to hoping for water retention!

Here's my thought on that....

Going back to my trip report...

Tuesday - After a LONGGG day and evening, I had to be up and at 'em early for my conference.  Worked all day then for the evening they set up an evening dinner cruise on the Thames...

We all piled into rented doubledecker buses then drove through the city towards the river.  Once arriving there - you could see this enormous monstrocity of a boat...the french would call it a bateaux mouche but I have no idea what they call it here...

We were greeted with a fantastic glass of rose champagne and made way to our tables.  We cruised the river and had dinner while enjoying live music.  The food was ok but the view and the company was amazing.  I had a great group at my table and enjoyed so much I failed to take many pictures at all!

After the cruise, I fled the scene back to the group (all guys, btw...I am in a male dominated field and am ALWAYS the only girl) were looking to go out an since it was already midnight...I gotsa go...momma needs her zzz's...

Wednesday - Same drill, different day.  Met all day for the conference (while i painfully attempting to stay awake...)  The Landmark is beautiful and I would love to stay there one day...

We were supposed to wrap at 3pm but my boss pulled me into another meeting so I missed out on going to the British Museum with a group of my friends....BUMMER!

Then I heard everyone raving about having afternoon tea at the Landmark....apparently they are well known for it...

Looked into it and it is 42 pounds sterling per person!  WTH!!  Pass on that!  However, while we were meeting they brought a tray of macarons that were to DIE for.  Again, I didnt want to look like a total freak so I did not take a picture but they were one of the best things I have ever tasted and I will definately go back.  I found this picture but the ones they brought us were so much more lovely...beautiful colors and sparkly!


After a brief stop at my favorite Pub (The Chapel in Marylebone) cant really see it in this picture but they have an amazing heated, covered outdoor space.  We could not take part in that because the weather was TERRIBLE all week! 

For dinner, I got my way (ok, I begged) and we went to Tamarind for dinner. I love indian and had heard rave reviews about it...

My goto is typically The Mint Leaf but this was an amazing dinner.  Again, no pics but at some point I am going to just suck it up and start taking pics no matter how weird they think I am!  If you ever get the chance to go here for a meal, I would highly recommend it!

Thursday -

Today was a light day for me (thankfully) - I worked at the hotel in the am and headed to Heathrow mid day.  My flight for Dublin was a 2:20 and I was there in plenty of time.  I will not go into the debacle I had in security but let's just say their new retina scanners are fab until the machine goes down while scanning you.  I walked about 2 miles all over the airport - ended having to completely go back through customs and start over and barely made my flight.  Awesome...I try hard not to be one of those bitter american travelers but I barely held my shizz together.

I made it in one piece and after a short taxi ride arrived at the Conrad in City Centre Dublin.

It's a lovely hotel and about 10 mins after arriving in my room, I got a little knock at the door and a surprise!

Was good to get a healthy snack since my Larabar wore off hours ago!

After a short rest, I headed out to meet some coworkers for dinner at Browne's Restaurant in SandyMount.

This meal was AMAZING.  I was starving and I was ready to eat a small child.  But I did not.  I did splurge and have housemade liver pate (which was to die for) and seared seabass with pomegranite.  Delish!

We hit a local pub (which I did not pay attention to the name but it was not up for memorable anyways)!  I then called it a day!

FRIDAY - Ok, dear Lord, I am exhausted.  I RUSH to my morning meeting as we had an entire team heading over to our office for an all day session.  My taxi got lost so I was walking in the door right when they were arriving.  STRESS!!  Anyways....we met all day then headed back to the hotel for a short rest that everyone needed BADLY.  Taxi's take us the long drive to Howth.  It is apparently beautiful not that we could see a thing as it was...raining!  Yes.  And Dark.

How that I have located it on a map and see pictures it is on my list to go next time I'm back. 

Dinner was at a place called the Abbey Tavern.

After dinner we migrated to the bar section and enjoyed traditional irish music.  Most of the people playing are either extended family of our owners or employees so it was great fun!

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