Sunday, February 24, 2013

Step by Step!!

How on earth does this happen?  I have 2 days off exercising and eat out like a maniac...then lose a pound?  Whahuh?

Let's not talk about the piece of cake (topped with a small scoop of Chick Fil A Ice Dream) - it was small but still.  I felt like crap after but hey, it was my birthday.  Now I just have to figure out how to get my son to tote the rest of the cake to his buddies at school!

Funny thing is - he does not like sweets AT ALL
One thing I did right as a Mom was be super diligent about what he ate when he was sugar, fruits and veggies.  His big treat once in a blue moon was a Happy Meal with milk!  Mean Mommy, right? 
Other mom's used to look at me like I can certified nut job when we'd go to birthday parties and I wouldnt let him drink Coke! 
But - he eats like a champ now and would always pick a bowl of strawberries over sweets any day! 

Now, If I could get him to stop with the beer...different story....I digress...

Wow - major tangent!  Anyhoo, I have one lb to go to meet my 1st mini goal of 5% loss!  I think I am going to do a 3 day "Cinch" Fast Start Mon-Weds...Thinking about it.  It would pretty much guarantee I meet my 1st goal and perhaps my 2nd goal! 

I will leave you with this bit of Randomness - My son shares my odd sense of humor and can always be counted on to find something ridiculous on Youtube...

We have been terrorizing each other with screaming goats all weekend...ok, we are weird.  Peace out!  Enjoy your Sunday!

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