Thursday, February 21, 2013

Non-Scale Victories Linkup

My first link party!  I'm not even sure if I am doing this right but let's give it a shot...


I guess my nsv would be that I didnt quit.  After "starting over" oh say a million bazillion times, I have stayed with logging my food, exercising and eating reasonably well.  I haven't lost what I wanted but I'm still plugging away and I haven't said "I will start over tomorrow"...

That is a first - at least for a LONGGGG time!


  1. That is a great NSV. I personally love the quote "if you hate starting over then stop giving up!" You've got this! Thanks for linking up :)

  2. This is awesome!!! You've got to just keep with it and keep going-- one bad choice can't throw off your whole day!! Thanks for linking up with KTJ and myself!

  3. Hey girl I am stopping by from the link-up! Not giving up is huge! I hear about starting over a million bazillion times! This time is different!! Great job girl!!

  4. Great job! I'm a new follower to your blog and found you through the NSV linkup.

  5. GOOD FOR YOU for not quitting! Sometimes keeping going is the hardest part!