Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What do you call yourself?

I was watching a few (shit! like 5...) movies while I was returning from my last work trip....I am HORRIBLE at watching movies at home (long story...short version = I mean to but then don't) ANYWAYS....I watched the new movie Pitch Perfect.  Lurvvvv....but one thing caught my attention other than the obvi (Anna Kendrich is a great singer...) - a scene where the character "Fat Amy" is introduced....

For your viewing pleasure:

Got me to thinking....What do I call myself (maybe not outloud!)?  Am I kind in how I talk to myself and names I call myself?  NO.  Hell No.  I think things like "damn you are big", "Who is that heffer in the mirror", " Gurrrlll - that ass is HUGE" etc etc.... 

I say the worst things to myself that I would never EVER say to anyone else in my shape. 

Am I really going to try to stop with the negative self talk...I really am going to try. I don't want to call myself "Fat Amy" to myself or anyone else.  More than I don't want to be a "Fat Amy".

p.s.  On the good news side of thangs, I am down again and 2 lbs from my 5% mini goal!  Whoop Whoop! 

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  1. That movie is so funny! When I was watching far any introduce herself I had similar thoughts!