Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Exer-whining and Meal Planning

I LOVE to read blogs and there are so many fantastic ones to choose from these days...I wonder frequently how these exer-maniacs get and stay motivated.  Maybe I got stiffed on that particular gene...?  Or maybe I haven't stayed with it long enough to build the habit...dunno, I used to have it but I lost it somewhere...lost bad...same way as my mojo was injured, injured nad over the past few years (long story for another day)...but every time I think about injured - I can't help thinking of this...

Totally rando, I know but enjoy. 

I have committed to do my cardio every day for the rest of the month.  I basically get on, tell myself..."If it sucks after 15 minutes, quit"...then I get there and think "ok, that did suck but maybe I will just go to 30".   When I get there I go - well, may as well do 45 so you can get to the happy message on the elliptical saying COOL DOWN"....well, lazy ass - you just did 45, why not suck it up and do 50 which is your goal.  I pretty much have to do this 75% of the time. I totally bitch internally nonstop most times! I am NOT one of those who think exercise is great but I have clearly figured out that I cannot maintain my weight without this as a lifetime habit.  Then I do it and I am happy I did and am always glad I can check that box and not feel guilty or mad at myself that I didnt.  Good news is, I lost the weight I gained on my trip and took off another lb.  Sweet.

I cooked my meals for the week last night - I typically try to do that I Sunday but I was in a jet lag fog from hell.

I try to keep homecooked, healthy meals at the ready so I can easily make good choices.  Usually works since I usually wont go to the trouble to do something different!

I made:

Slow cooker beef broccoli (from - this one was a new one for me.  I had it for dinner since the hubs typically goes out with his buddies for dinner on Tuesdays.  It was really good and I served it over soba noodles.  The servings are a bit big for me...I couldnt finish it but it was delish....'specially with a little lot of sriracha tossed in.  Next time, I will load it up with fresh veggies.  Oh, and I used fresh broccoli (4 cups) that I lightly steamed first.

Skinny Chicken Pesto Bake (from - this has kind of turned into a goto for me.  Quick, easy and really tasty.  If I am having carbs on that day, it is actually nice for put on a flatout for a sandwich with a little lot of sriracha (notice a trend...?)

Crock Pot Picadillo (from Skinny Taste) - this has been in my rotation for a few weeks and it is so favorful and filling!  I won't tell you what sauce I add in cause you have probably figured out I am obsessed with sriracha.  We are bff's - or I am a stalker, one of the two.

If I get sick of eating my meals, I foodsave the hell out of 'em and they are packed into the freezer for when I dont have time to plan.  Works great!

Today, I am planning to whip up some Homemade Chicken and Noodles (from Pioneer Woman) since it is cold and damp here...This soup is ahmazing and everyone loves it.  I generally freeze half for when my son is home from college (Roll Tide!! - sorry, I digress).    Anyways - it is fantastic.  A bit of extra effort to make the broth but tots worth it.

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