Sunday, April 28, 2013

My how some things change!

Am on my way to a conference (for work)....typically I would hit the sky club and have a glass (or two) before boarding, then grab a carbalicious wrap before boarding.

Well, NOT today! I packed all my crap (including my trusty withings scale and HCG rx and my syringes, vitamins, fat burners, walden farms dressing, an "emergency pack" if I can't find anything to eat)....seriously worse than traveling with a toddler!

But, I went to the Skyclub (clean place to swizzle before getting on the plane). Then grabbed 2 apples, some celery and a small pack of hummus. Shoved me into my bag like a squirrel getting ready for winter!! The dude sitting next to me looked at me like I was a lunatic but whatev... Glad I have it now....I figured they'd at least have a salad. But...NO. Damn you Delta. Not a single healthy option to eat. Nice.

Side note- I was down another 1.4 this morning! Sweet!! Counting the days til I hit 20 lbs lost!!

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