Friday, April 19, 2013

HCG VLCD Day 4 Recap

Today was CRAZY!!  Had meetings downtown then had to run back to take my nieces to Taylor Swift!

Very long boring story short, I find myself in the food court at the venue with absolute shit food.  There was absolutely NOTHING to eat - for me anyways.  Let's see, hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza, french fries, chicken fingers, chicken and waffles....uhhh....NO.  No.

So, I was going down the road of not eating at all but then saw a lone (empty) stand with turkey breast burgers.  Ate half and was on my way.  I wanted a glass of wine BAD but didn't go there.  

The day looked like:

Doubt the calories are correct for the turkey burger so I'm guessing I was pretty close to 500 end of day.

Results VLCD D4 = -.9lbs
Total - -6 Lost
YTD Loss = 12lbs

Bummed I didn't lose more - AGAIN!!  Really focused on not screwing up my progress this week while I am out of town this weekend.  Should be quite the challenge but I am feeling good about it!  And scared...  

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