Monday, April 8, 2013

Fell off the blogging bandwagon....

Last oral surgery out of the way (I HOPE!!!) - back in my routine and have 45 days til vacation to get my crap together!  Wish I could go back to my January self and slap some sense into me...but it is what it - 

Good news is that I am only 1.6lbs up after my last 5 Day Fast Start...thanks to Dr Pain.  

Ok, that is not his real name but if you describe "moderate discomfort" with what he inflicted on me??  Really?  Just got the packing out and still scared to eat most, yeah...well.  Thanks for that.

One other random thought - Why the F do they not believe you when you say you have bad veins...WHY? Do they think I make this shit  up?  I told 'em, hubs told 'em...they patted me on the head and said "we got it".  FINALLY, after 7 attempts and digging for one they asked which one usually holds an IV...they actually argued with me since they don't like to go for the hands for some odd reason...on a side note, that conscious sedation is some good shit...I recommend it.

So - happy spring!! Two weeks later both my arms and hand still look like...pretty huh?  

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