Saturday, April 27, 2013

Business Travel Stress

I am heading out to San Diego for a conference tomorrow.  Seriously kind of freaking out.


a) 4 days of seriously reduced ability to control my environment

b) an atmosphere of overindulging in food and of course adult beverages (hey, my company is's tradition!)

c) I don't trust myself yet

I have packed my hcg (and rx to allow it and my needles) and snacks, and green tea, and lemons...if my carryon bag closed it will be a MIRACLE!


On the plus side, I have some good friends going with AND I am staying at the Hotel Del!!

Kind of super pumped about that!

Plus #2 - we have a private event at Sea World...I love me some Shamu...will take pics!

Side note - I am only down another .4 from yesterday but am losing inches like crazy.  Am going nuts shopping my closet!  So much fun!!

I will try to post from SD but no guarantees!

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