Friday, April 26, 2013


You know moments of clarity come at the weirdest time and the weirdest of ways sometimes!

I had my weekly checkin early since I am heading out of town on Sunday for business.  I was already bummed since I am only down 1.7 this week on my scale.  Weigh in at the Dr and I am only down 1 lb on their scale.  womp womp.

The nurse sees the look on my face (kinda like a small girl who lost her puppy or something equally as pathetic).  

She started looking through my file and said tell me about the last few months and what you have been doing.  I tell her the readers digest - lose great for a week hit a stall for a few days and then decide pizza or pasta or something BAD looks REALLY GOOD=fall off wagon...start over.  Rinse & Repeat.

She goes...hmmm...seems like you have taught your body that if it just holds onto the weight for a few days you will quit.  Whaaahuh??  

Well, now...dammit that makes sense.  Duh!  Well, imma bout to pimp slap this metabolism and I am committed to my 31 better just give it up!

I am not going to post my daily food - I figured out a way to save in on my PC (I am OCD and was posting it here so that I would be sure to have the detail when archives the detail and I only have the summary)!

Here's where I sit on VLCD12:

Lbs Lost Total Lost
Day 1 4/15/2013 0
Day 2 4/16/2013 -2 -2
Day 3 4/17/2013 -2.1 -4.1
Day 4 4/18/2013 -1 -5.1
Day 5 4/19/2013 -0.9 -6
Day 6 4/20/2013 -1.1 -7.1
Day 7 4/21/2013 0.3 -6.8
Day 8 4/22/2013 -0.4 -7.2
Day 9 4/23/2013 0.5 -6.7
Day 10 4/24/2013 -1.2 -7.9
Day 11 4/25/2013 -0.8 -8.7
Day 12 4/26/2013 -0.2 -8.9

YTD - on my scale, I am down 15lbs!  Yeah!!

This is on my trusty withings scale...I am down 11 on the Dr's scale.  Suddenly, I like that scale better. 

Rando thought of the day:

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