Monday, April 22, 2013

HCG VLCD Day 5-6 & Weekend Recap

Very busy!!  Heading over to Bama for A-Day weekend! Only in Tuscaloosa can you get 78,000 people to go to a scrimmage match!

Nick Saban sighting!!  Do you totally see this nutjob that ran in front of my shot?  Really??  Rude!

Barrett Jones was there signing autographs...look for him in the NFL Draft - he should have a great career ahead of him...AND he was super nice signing all kinds of stuff for kids and taking time with the crowd.

We had a great weekend visiting with my son and his friends....even though I was SUPER nervous about eating out for THREE STRAIGHT DAYS.  

I was super diligent, took my withings scale with me and tracked every single thing that I ate.

Here are the deets:

Day 5:

Results VLCD D5 = -1.1lbs
Total - -7.1 Lost
YTD Loss = 13.1lbs

DAY 6:

Yeah - Bad habits came to visit...wasnt as bad as I previously would have done but 3 glasses on wine (ok, it was over the course of 15 hrs but I should NOT have done it and KNEW that was GOING to show...) But, hey....we had a GREAT time!

Results VLCD D6 = +.3lbs (tots called it).
Total - -6.8 Lost
YTD Loss = 12.8lbs

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