Thursday, April 18, 2013

HCG VLCD Day 3 Recap

Super pumped going into today but have a cray cray day or two ahead!  I was up and out early this morning and have to take a customer to lunch today.  EEEEk!  Havent figured that one out yet but guess I can find a grilled chicken salad about anywhere these days....and will take my dressing but I am still uber nervous since 500 cals per day doesnt give you much room for error.

I slept WAY better last night and am not feeling as jittery - good!  I had a business lunch and was freaking trying to figure out what to eat...then they ordered me a glass of wine when I went to the restroom.  Awesome.  I sipped some and estimated 3oz but don't think I had that much.  

Today ended up looking like:

Results VLCD D3 = -1lbs
Total - -5.1 Lost

Bummed I didn't lose more but wasn't as good about drinking my water.  Will do better today...but have to eat out again today as I am taking my nieces to Taylor Swift this evening.  Arghhh!!  Guess I am going to have to figure out how to do this while travelling since I am out of town all weekend as well.

Peace out!

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