Monday, April 22, 2013

HCG VLCD Day 7 & Week 1 Recap

Happy Monday!!  I was super pumped to get up and head back to the Dr for my weekly checkup!

But yesterday looked like:

I weighed before I went and it showed:

Results VLCD D7 = -.4lbs
Total - -7.2 Lost
YTD Loss = 13.2lbs

...not what I had hoped for but hey, I will take it!  I would typically gain several lbs after eating and drinking with reckless abandon!!  But, overall I felt very much in control and not too tempted on anything except indulging in adult beverages when everyone else was.  I caved but didnt blow of the rails! Success!

Anyhoo, on to the Dr.  They reviewed my blood work up - all was good except my platelet count was high (have been fighting off a cold).  My cholesterol was a little high as well - perplexed me since I have NEVER had that but 215 was not too ridiculous...They will check everything again at the one month mark.

Weighed in there and they showed a 9lb loss.  Whaaaa???  I don't get it but there scale is surely better than mine (or we will just say that!).  It is a contraption that looks like it weighs 100lbs so we will go with that!

Got my B12 shot and my supply of injectible HCG for the next 23 days.  Little nervous about that but am so happy with how I am doing thus far!

Looking forward to a great week!

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