Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I stabbed myself...on purpose....

Today was the first day I had to put on the big girl panties and inject myself. Can you say skerrd shitless?  I was but - I did it!  Ended up being totally no big deal...I have enough of abdominal fat that I can grab it and pinch it...when that goes....uhhh....problem.  Anyways, I am feeling pretty proud of myself!  I am a total needle-phob so that shows my commitment (or new level of insanity!)

Interestingly, I have told VERY few people what I am doing.  Chalk it up to not wanting them to judge my level of cray or not wanting people to know if I fail...I dunno.  Anyways, it's kinda my personal secret right now.  :-)  

Yesterday looked like:

Results VLCD D8 = +.5lbs - WTF!?!
Total - -6.7 Lost
YTD Loss = 12.7lbs

I felt sooooo sure that I was down again but apparently I am in a mini stall...was supposed to have TOM Sunday but no.  I have been perfectly sitting in my calorie range so after today, I will whack my guilty pleasure of one glass of wine with dinner.  The nurse said it would be no problem but that is the ONLY thing it could be if tomorrow doesnt shake loose.

Sticking to the plan even if the scale pimped slapped me today.  I can certainly tell in my clothes the inches are coming off...the pants I could not button and breathe a week ago Thursday are more than comfy and loose in the waist.



  1. It's great to hear that your clothes and pants are loose. Sounds like hard work pays off! Keep going and let's encourage each other.