Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Day One Recap

My day looks like:

My "At a glance" stats are:

I waited too long to eat lunch, then dinner was late and I didnt fit in my last meal but I was not hungry.  Also - got slammed at work and pushed my exercise til tomorrow.  Not good.  :( 

I use www.myfooddiary.com to enter my food and track my weight/measurements!

After my weigh in starting into Day 1 was up a full 3lbs from 2 days ago...ARGH!! Im assuming it is a monthly issue as I have definately not eaten to lose but I did not expect a gain.

Weigh in starting into Day 2 is that I am down 2.8lbs....(can I get a whooop whoop?) which means I must have really gained but I am almost back to where I started.  I keep giving and taking these pounds but Day One off the books!

Onward and upward into Day 2-5!

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