Thursday, March 14, 2013

NSV Link Up!!

Ok, Holla!  It's almost Friday and I am *supposed* to be on AL (i.e. what American companies call vacation)!  Anyways, I got called downtown (Friday traffic, yeah!) so I will work the half day.  Then off til Tuesday due to a Bank Holiday in Ireland.  Those Irish are PUMPED about St Patricks Day!

I digress...back to my NSV for the week.  Kinda glad the focus is on NSV since I kind of sucked this week on the scale victory part!


I will go with getting my exercise in every day this week - oh, and I am uber pumped about the spring weather we are supposed to have this weekend.  I am planning to do a hike tomorrow and on Saturday.  Dying for sandal weather!

Peace out - Happy Weekend in advance!

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  1. Same to me. I have a setback this week, but I'm getting my mojo back next week. Good luck with your goal.