Friday, March 8, 2013

Day Four Recap

I got busy with conference calls and didnt start my exercise until late in the day (%pm)...So much harder and I really had to push myself to go the 45 mins. But I did it.

My day looked like:

I had frozen lobster tails that I was going to have for protein at dinner...they didnt thaw in time so I made "steak bites" which I had on top of my spinach salad.  I knew doing it I would not see a meat always "sticks" on me for some reason.  Not a problem in the long run but I never EVER would eat red meat before my weigh in day when I was going WW.  But - that said, it was AWESOME and it is the first time all week I actually left like I had something fulfilling.

Moving on...

Enter self destructive thoughts..."hey, Im going to be up or flat tomorrow...a weetle teeny glass of wine wont kill anyone....OK, the first one was really small so let me top that off a bit...yeah.  Awesome. #bangingheadagainstdesk. 

Pretty pissed at myself this morning but trying to tell myself in the long run, no biggie.  I am up .4lb this morning and sitting at a total of 5.2 down for 4 solid days of not so much fun!  Theme for today is make it count!! 

I am 1.3 away from my uber ovr the top goal for this week - not sure if I can make it but I am going to double cardio it and see where I end up.  

Peace out!

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