Friday, March 8, 2013

Finish the Sentance Linkup

I love this blog and thought I'd join in the fun!


1. People always tell me... I am a cool Mom.  I love me some #1 Son and all my "adopted" sons in his fraternity.  They are always welcome here and get home cooked food and I am prone to do their laundry.  It is an illness, people.
2. In the movie based on my life...  Would be all sorts of awesome and Reese would play a good me.  The audience might fall asleep during some parts, though...
3. Typically, I end up regretting...eating fat girl food that isn't good for me.

4. I always ask to leave off the...  eggs in a salad.  That shit is just nasty.
5. Kim and Kanye really...  need to go hide somewhere.  I don't get it. Any. Of. It.
6. My Parents always reminded me... take care of yourself and don't put yourself in a position to have to be taken care of.  It stuck and being self sufficient has always been really important to me.
7. Every single day I...try to stop cussing.  I have a potty mouth!  I seriously hear the F Bomb dropped about 100 times minimum.  It's a multi-purpose word for the Irish.
8. This one time in College...I quit.  Yep.  I got to within 8 classes of finishing and fell in lurvvvv....I was going to go at night then got preggers.  So - now I am finishing... in my 40's.  Note to self - taking Precalc when you are my age is just effing ridic...

9. My grossest habit is...  I will mute the phone while I am on a conference call if nature calls.  A girls got to take care of bidness, Yo.

10. My latest white lie... that I wasn't available to travel to a customer meeting.  OK, I am not. I have Taylor Swift tickets and am taking my nieces.  Left that deet out.
11. I know all the words... to too many songs.  I have freakish talent.
12. When I grow up I want to be...wait, hold up. I don't want to grow up.  Suck it.  I reserve the right to act however I find appropriate. You are not the boss of

13. Sexy time is... a glass of wine and a bubble bath (or Hot Tub)!
14. I will never, ever...  say I will never ever will do something cause that's just setting urself up!

15. I think it's hilarious when... Ellen scares people on her show...I am prone to watching the re-runs on you's weird, right?  I hate being scared but watching this totally cracks me up!


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