Saturday, March 2, 2013

Saturday Pit or Peak

Let's do weekly Pit and Peak First!!  I will be getting my meal plan done for this week after my workout so I will post that later.



Missed my goal for February by .5Lbs....Bummer.

Had one of my main US customers totally melt down on me yesterday after another member of her team quit. Felt bad but also like an ill trained therapist at the same time.


It's March!!!!  Yeah!!  I am home for a few weeks and am going to put my plan together to kill some workouts and meals to take advantage!

I get to go see my bestie is Salt Lake City later this month!!  Even better - it's free since it's a work trip and I will just tac on a few days vacay.  Girl Trip!  I'm thinking a few days in Park City at the Waldorf!  We'll see what the potential point damage would be!

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