Saturday, January 19, 2013

New Year - New Me?

I'm new to blogging - not to reading them because I LOVE LOVE LOVE reading blogs from such amazing people - but this is my first blog post. Ta Da!

I was so excited for 2013 - 2011 and 2012 have been really challenging and I am really feeling like making some positive changes and being happier, healthier and just a better version of me.

So, mostly the blog is for me!  To be accountable, to revisit my goal of a new year and a new me.  I have a mini goal to lose 15 lbs....I have been stuck on a cycle of losing 8-9lbs then gaining absolutely every bit of it back.  Probably, of let's say...20 times.  For shizz...I eat the wrong things, drink WAY too much wine and am not at all active.

I slow rolled into 2013 with a goal to get my health, happiness and joyful spirit back in 2013....

For today - I got on the treadmill and want so much to get into a new routine.  More about me tommorow....I will try to write every day or so...

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